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He didn’t say it with words, but this child had his tongue impressively reaching up his nose, before he approached me for a hug.


bookoisseur asked: What is the best way to come to the attention of an organization like NPR that isn't an unpaid, student internship? Foot-in-the-door steps seem impossible post college.


We pay all of our student interns, for one thing. I would say the following applies to any job:

1. Do your research. When you apply for any job, have a website (it can be a tumblr) with your clips on it. Write a clear, well-researched cover letter. Explain what it is you want to do. Don’t say “your organization” — say “NPR.” Let us know you’re familiar with us. 

2. Network. This doesn’t require much. Follow people from the organization you would like to work on Twitter and Tumblr, so you will find out about jobs (we post all of ours with the hashtag #pubjobs) and can talk about specifics in the interivew.

3. Write. You are a person of the Internet. By this, I mean you have Tumblr and Twitter and all sorts of ways to get your writing and audio out there. Put your audio up on prx. Write stuff and submit it to NPR. (Here’s Code Switch’s tips on doing that.) There’s no reason not to start now.



Local shrub roots and sticks cast in silver, with amethyst and glass settings.

These were oodles of fun, and I really love how they come out.

If interested, feel free to message me.

just an update on these, the top right one (with the pink amethyst) has been claimed but the other two are certainly still available. If interested, I can create an etsy listing or we can talk through messages. Thank you so much for reblogging and sharing my work! It means a lot.

Father Karras





I just want to know more about Karras.

What kind of things do you want to know?

His past, at what moment he got really crazy, how he build the mechanical eye, why he has that little robot with him, what he would had done after he had killed off the whole city(if the Builder had wanted it or not), why he jioned the Hammerites and a lot of other stuff. I just want to know all about him but it’s better that I don’t. Then people can make up their own headcanons about him.

What we know for certain about Karras can be found in the Thief wiki.

Karras was originally a member of the Hammerite church, who had a certain degree of authority in that he was able to offer Lord Bafford a ransom for Gibson, a thief who got caught by Bafford when he attempted to steal the sceptre after Garrett had already stolen it. It’s not clear what he wanted Gibson for.

Karras founded the Mechanists because he was frustrated by the Hammerites’ lack of evangelism, and by his belief that organic life is fundamentally flawed and unacceptable to the Builder. Everything in his schemes and his eventual plot stems from that belief.

I suspect Karras joined the Hammerites because he was a fervent believer in the religion, because of the scope and extent of his eventual plans to destroy all living matter across the City. He believed that he was bringing about the Builder’s paradise. You don’t do that kind of thing if you don’t believe fully in what you’re doing.

As to when Karras went crazy, it’s not possible to say for certain. We know that when he founded the Mechanists as a splinter group from the Hammers, that many people believed in his teachings and followed him willingly. This would suggest that at least in the early days, Karras was either still sane or able to effectively hide his insanity. It is not until Soulforge that Garrett starts to find writings by other Mechanists who start to doubt that Karras has gone too far. These are undated, but given the events they reference, they are recent at the time of the mission. My guess would be that the first signs of Karras’ descent into madness came at about the time he began to write the New Scripture of the Master Builder. He kept these texts secret from his fellow Mechanists, meaning that he knew they would oppose him if they found out his plans. Because of the many writings Karras leaves about, it seems that he reasons his plans out by writing them down. If this is the case, then the writing of his New Scripture would be the point at which he began to form his plans for the Builder’s paradise, perhaps not too long after he shifted from fanatical prophet to monomaniacal doomsday cult leader.

Karras built Garrett’s mechanical eye, in the hope that it would form the beginnings of an alliance with the Master Thief. (It’s not entirely clear whether he thought Garrett could actually do anything for him, but one of Karras’ rantings during Soulforge Cathedral explains that Karras knew that Garrett had been instrumental in the downfall of the Trickster, and believed that Garrett would be a formidable enemy to his own plans. So to protect himself, he wanted Garrett as an ally, or Garrett dead, or both.) I doubt that Garrett would have accepted anything from someone who had visibly lost his marbles. So we can tentatively conclude that Karras went insane either between the events of The Dark Project and The Metal Age, or during the early chronology of The Metal Age. His founding of the Mechanist order does not of itself provide evidence of his insanity, because many of the Hammerites gladly converted along with him.

We know almost nothing about the little golden robot. My best guess would be that he represents the next generation of robotic servants that Karras was working on. The golden cherub lacks the open boiler weakness of the other robots, and is immune to anything Garrett can throw at it. It also appears to get visibly startled when it sees Garrett, and may represent a first foray into artificial intelligence, as opposed to the crude programming that the other robots are given.

Karras believed that by killing off all organic matter in the City, the only life remaining would be himself and his robots and masked servants. As the founder of the Builder’s Paradise, he believed that the Builder would make a place for him (and him alone) among the Builder’s children (the robots), by transforming Karras himself into a robot. Draft, Page 41 of The New Scripture of The Master Builder says “ I give Thee now this command: that Thou shall remain Thyself alive when all about Thee turns to Holy Rust. When My Paradise has come, Thou shall have a place beside Me, among My Children.” And the document “Innermost Thoughts” ends with “So pleased was He with all I had done that he turned my flesh to iron with a wave of His mighty hand. I wept with joy, tears as slick as mercury, and thanked him for his gifts.” If Garrett visits the protective chamber in Soulforge Cathedral, Karras can be seen wearing a costume that appears to be a more ornate version of a masked servant’s costume (minus the mask), which suggests that he has prepared himself, and is waiting for the Builder to transform him into a robot as soon as the necrotic mutox has killed everything. After all, there won’t be anything left for him to eat after he’s destroyed all organic life. So Karras must be expecting to acquire his robot’s body before he starves to death.

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no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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H i s  h a n d s  d o  v i o l e n c e

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I googled ‘knockoff mcdonalds’ and was not disappointed

Michael Alone

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Hey kid, what’s going on, want to check out my pit of souls?


Yeah, those souls sure are way deep down in that pit there huh?


Or… not? Get your hands out of my soul pit.


Okay, I’ll admit that’s apparently some impressive reach…


Like, really impressive reach….



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A bunch of hopeless jerks said this baby was as good as dead. That makes this even better. <— Click the link for full article. :)

This is Biscuits. The little baby was found on the ground by someone just walking by on the sidewalk. Biscuits is a southern flying squirrel was half-dead, baking in the Florida sun. The man took her in immediately and began rehabilitating her. He was told by others that he didn’t have enough experience to save her and that she would die. As it turns out… they were all wrong. His love and devotion to this little squirrel saved her. Her recovery is one of the cutest things ever.

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tonight is one of those nights where everything I do or say feels like a mistake and then I’m in a sour mood, and then everything I do or say that includes other people leaves all of us in a sour mood.


Your maps are nearly useless ,Garrett…
No clue where I am,too much question points,no floors indications = I’m ready to run away from zombie and follow my instinct to survive. Fortunately his mapping skills improve a bit in the following missions. Sorry,I write even worse than him with a tablet…